Atheist: The previously unknown benefits of having and maintaining a thick skull.

There is no God, and no higher Judgment than your own.

The churches of the world are losing their hold over their congregations.
People are not sheep.
They have built up a tolerance to 20th century brainwashing methods.
Turn the Television off.
They're trying to sell you a narrow minded conception of existence.
If you don't buy it, then they don't win.
The "holy" Books of all religions use basic metaphor and allegory to illustrate their simple understanding of the world.
They want you to behave.
Can you do that?
Can you behave as they want you to?

There is no GOD.
There is no Higher Judgment than YOUR OWN.

The entire system is riddled with false premises that lead to false conclusions.
Where ever you happen to be in relation to someone is for a reason.
Religion wants you to love god and your place.
The weak minded "men of the cloth" take your money and claim they can assure you salvation.
They can no more do this than pull an asteroid from space using their minds.
Religion has all the trappings of a scam.
It smells scammy to me.
Maybe it's because I have a thick skull, and I'm not. . ."open to the experience" as it were.
I might be too stupid to grasp what Jesus was groovin' on. If I believed this, I might never leave the house. I might not have a house at all. I might join the seminary. They love stupid people. Stupid and sexually repressed people mostly. But let's not over generalize.
Here's my fuel for the fire:
1. If you believe in GOD, you're an idiot.
2. If you go to church and give them money, you're a sucker.
3. If you go to church and eat free meals and try to sign up as a youth counselor, you're a pedophile.
4. If you think a messiah is coming in the future, you like being disappointed. (all messiahs were conmen)
5. If you watch television, you go to church, just not the jesusy one.
6. If you live life by your own personal philosophy that is based off of your own experiences and knowledge, you're my hero.

Attack and ridicule all superstition and religious hierarchies using all channels of art, literature and media. Do not physically injure or kill anyone. Never stop. Ever.