Atheist: I mean you NO HARM, and the introduction of the SHINY-OBJECT.

Never have I spoken of the use of violence as a valid tool for the purposes of enforcing a belief system. A belief system is a complex thing. Violence is very simple. Force is the means by which all laws are upheld. A law is only as real as it's level of enforcement, i.e. the amount of force applied. Laws about the transportation of chickens are only relevant to those in the chicken transport business, but we falsely assume that the law is there to protect the consumer/customer/sycophan
t (the individual that produces nothing, but that demands that his/her end product be delivered in a safe/sanitary/ethically agreeable fashion. The LAW is there to govern people's behavior. The LAW demands that the future conform to the letter and since nothing any human does is outside the realm of human experience we can conclude that the LAW exists solely for the purpose of influencing/changing/adapting HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Random Assertion Number One:
We have a surplus of law. I.E. We have too many LAWS. (We have among them . . . many that are UNJUST.

There is no such thing as injustice in Actuality (The realm in which all truths are freely revealed).There is in Reality (the realm in which not all truths are freely revealed), only the perception of injustice. Perceived injustice always leads to Violence (IN SOME FORM) (see definition). ALWAYS. This includes the enforcement of LAWS that are perceived to be JUST.

There have been many influential people who advocated the use of non-violent methods of protest. The fact that it has to do with protest and not enforcement has more to do with the likelihood of success than any moral difference. Protest also assumes that there are people for whom the law either does not apply or that the law itself is unjust or perpetuates perceived injustices. It is not hard to see where I am going with this.

I wouldn't dare compare myself with the likes of GHANDI or KING. I wouldn't dare. They claimed to believe in GOD. I make no such claim. In fact, I declare the opposite and demand unequivocal proof from anyone who would make that assertion in my presence or anywhere within my realm of experience.
The assertion that I maintain is that:

All power structures need individuals to feel that they are helpless (alone) in order to exist.
That is why it is a power structure and not a free association of equal individuals. Money, the whole Idea of MONEY is just to keep score.

The first person that accepted a shiny object in exchange for food...well they were one of the first morons. There have been many morons since.

The man who offers something shiny is only evil if he knows that it is worth nothing. But what if the entire known world were to value these shiny objects, or worse...the individual who has the food... perceives that the entire world values these shiny objects more than they value food, so he is eager to exchange his food for said shiny object. The SHINY OBJECT is an element that has intruded into the system of human interaction. The SHINY OBJECT is the EQUIVALENT of GOD.
BOTH are arbitrary and pointless, but there is so much in the world that says exactly the opposite. WHY WOULD they assert these things so strongly and with so much FERVOR? Because what they think motivates people. They think it, so they try it and when it works they continue to do it and after a while they're not interested in trying anything else...they just want you to accept it as truth so that things will remain as they are ( RIGHT FUCKING NOW). *** ( see below )They never asked themselves if there was a better way to motivate people. Not when GOD is so decisively effective of a LOGICAL TOOL of PERSUASION.
Introduce an irrational idea into a debate and the debate quickly degenerates if the idea is not discarded immediately as irrational. The concept of GOD exists to mitigate/disrupt/end DEBATES.

I say, "I mean you no harm", because I really don't mean you any harm. I don't drive with the intention of hurting anyone. I don't arm myself when leaving my house because I do not wish to be the cause of someones demise, not because I do not wish to defend myself. I just don't perceive the world to be as openly hostile as religious people do. They seem to think that there are bad people everywhere. I think you can see bad people coming and many times they come bearing a cross (or some other religious or meaningful shiny object that is supposed to aid in taking something from you). Love is something that all religions claim, but it is something that they have yet to explain. Love may be nothing more that an tacit agreement amongst animals that in order to eat/mate/exist without daily violence that we must all behave in a particular way. Thus the LAW is removed from the MANY and becomes the responsiblity of the FEW. THE LAW IS VIOLENCE.
MIGHT WILL ALWAYS MAKE RIGHT. (Because dead people can't argue)
Non-violent protests against injustice only works if it is visible enough to a larger population or larger LAWFUL authority. The fact that there is protest at all is indicative of the presence of perceived injustice.
For a faulty equation to become correct you must identify the "bad" variables.
In the Human equation, there are constants.
The premises in the GOD/SHINY-OBJECT/HEAVEN&HELL arguments are attempts at explaining what are in ACTUALITY. . .NATURAL LAWS. (the way things play out without the introduction of outside forces)
i.e. When A Person is RAPED/ROBBED/KILLED. These are the products of LAW. In reality they are every day occurrences. In ACTUALITY the realm in which all truth is freely revealed...being RAPED ROBBED OR KILLED is just a matter of perception. Most people are RAPED every day and are made to not only like it, but to preach it as gospel. GOD is MIND RAPE.

*** right fucking now: NO one is sure about the future, but this debate is being held all over the world in every language at every moment of recorded history. How to be JUST. How to maintain CONTROL. HOW TO DESTROY OR BUILD OR CHANGE EVERYTHING. Yet SO many are content to let one word do all the thinking for them. Fuck the word of GOD. We know some shit that GOD NEVER KNEW or did he just not get around to writing it down? You know...SCIENCE.