Atheist: Living without fear.

It is not impossible to live without fear. We just haven't seen it before.

Once you understand that media serves to facilitate fear and uncertainty, you can begin to become skeptical about the messages they're sending. Skepticism is also a tool of disinformation, but it is something that has given way to great discovery. We cannot always do as we are told. And we shouldn't. Should we think as feel as we are told??? Media tells you these things every day. Are you paying attention?

***The reason people seem alien on talk shows and news programs is that they are selected for such positions based upon a corporate standard of presentability. Additionally, you can be certain that they would never have gotten the job of pundit or talk show host if they weren't capable of manipulating words and meaning. The way you pronounce the word "Jesus" for something every single person in media has to be aware of. Someone could get their fucking feelings hurt.***

In truth:
There is nothing to fear.
There is no god or devil.
We do not have souls.
These are archaic...outdated terms for what cognitive neuroscience attempts to unravel every day.
The human brain is the last frontier.
We seek to see inside each other. What you see in yourself may be what others see in themselves.
Many who are alive today may die before we can answer that question.
So many have died already.
Why should we fear death?

When I die I want to die screaming the truth.
God is a psych-virus. The symptoms are...the present.