Transmission Recieved.

IS there evil? DO you know it? HAve you seen it lately? Does it have horns? DOes it wear a distinguishing mark?
Does it speak a language all it's own? Or are you just afraid?

I think you fear death. I don't think you believe in heaven. I am calling you a liar. If you believe in heaven then why do you value the material world at all? Why claim that you do not value it when you so clearly value it? You have walls around your neighborhoods. You close off your houses at night when the streets are empty.
Who is coming to get you? The red fucking chinese?
This culture is fucking insane.
I'd probably be better off as a marine.
but I abhor getting yelled at. It's a pet peave of mine.
I won't march off to war and I don't expect anyone else to.
I have nothing against the military personally, but give it a rest with the god and country shit.
The USA hasn't done anything for me lately besides not draft me, not put me in prison, and bury my family in debt. But hey I could still go to war or prison at anytime. My family is broke until something else happens.
Who the fuck cares if a few thousand rich people lose their fortunes? Are we all going down with them, is that the deal?
Is that the social contract?
Is that really what we are supposed to swallow?
Maybe I'd think differently if I had a billion dollars or whatever.
What the fuck does that even mean?
I don't want to be a billionaire. Does that make me un american?

What if the only thing that held this country together was really a lie?
The best lie is still the BIG ONE.
The one about there being a god. That one won't be going anywhere any time soon.

The more people resist the idea...the more insistence there is on the side of the liar.
You cannot ever prove them wrong. All they have to do is sit and wait you out.
They have done it for millenia.
Who knows what will happen in the future.
Media is so easily manufactured these days and it's just getting easier.
People can read and watch whatever they please and it may please a great many people someday to hear the message:

An atheist (non)prayer. A mantra that is not a mantra

It is time now for a new age. One in which we do not look to others for labor or for solace. What we see in others is in ourselves and we can no longer afford to make slaves of our fellow humans.

Our joy is too great.
It will not serve.
It demands autonomy.

No oppression is tolerable in a world where anyone can die at any instance. Any one at any time.
We must have freedom from our pasts and from commerce and from religion.
We must face our obsessions about death and violence.
We must be free of it all.

The great Tragedy. The small Atrocities.

...crushed beneath the gargantuan weight of the modern world?...Walk it off!

The amount of information the mind can process is limited. I cannot quote you Homer's Odyssey.
I can however see patterns. The information that passes over my mind makes impressions that do not form complete thoughts. Over time the result is an amalgamation of casually associated patterns that do not exist elsewhere. I come up with little stupid names for these patterns and I write them down. This does not mean anything. There is no method behind how I experience the world or how I react to it. It just do I. Neither is independent, though I suspect that if I were to die, reality would probably miss me less than I would it.

The fear of death is something I am willing to face. I have been searching for something worthy of sacrificing my life. I will never eat a bullet because I am sad. This is not that type of story.


However much you think you know about the world...just wait. It will surprise you. Perhaps not pleasantly so, but it will surprise you. I imagine you the reader as someone not to be misled, but as someone I can confide in. I have no choice. No one in my life wants to talk about death, god and the void of space. No one wants to look at the monster that looms behind the mundane activities that fill our lives and consume our days. Let me be honest with you. It is alright to be afraid. If we do this together...perhaps we can make it to the other side with our sanity intact.


God...if the concept was a brand (and it is in some places), requires that a select few individuals outline and define everything in the realm of knowledge and connect it back to their brand. If god=captain crunch..then the mythology would have to adapt accordingly. Some number of eons ago...captain crunch would have had to have created the world and everything leading up to some child encountering a box of cereal. I know that sounds trite, but that is how theological arguments sound to me...very commercial...very much fabricated.

I was attracted to atheism not because of it's pleasant message, but because those who presented such views sounded genuine if not a little upset at the fact that they were atheists. God is a big promise...heaven even more fantastic, and it wouldn't surprise me if all purveyors of faith were closet atheists. Such a big lie has to be stressful. When you reach the limits of existential thinking and you seek a word for the great and unfathomable scope of the universe, does the conclusion have to be GOD?

I am not trying to recruit you into some sort of organization that has an anti-religious agenda. Much of my day is concerned with feeding myself and avoiding bills. In that sense, you are free to trust me or not. It is your choice. I can honestly say that I have never had a religious experience of any kind. And in situations where i felt my life to be threatened or that of someone I cared for...well I didn't say any prayers and my perception may have been off. I am still here and there is no way of knowing what could have happened if something had gone differently. This is not what reality does. Reality shows you what happens. It happens right in front of you every day. You cannot ever escape it, though we all do try.
Sex, Drugs and multimedia entertainment.
These are not symptoms of an illness...they are lifestyle choices. Our free will is vast, but we allow it to be narrowed based on what we come in contact with on a daily basis. How would I know what the Buddha believed? How would I know what Nietzsche really was like? I don't, but when I read about different views I try to imagine what I would have had to experience to come to the same conclusions as the author did.
Looking back on my own brief life up until experience...not one, necessitates the idea of an all powerful being. Power is an illusion. As is authority.
Violence and the threat thereof is the only concept that I believe permeates human affairs. The fear of extermination. The dread of imprisonment. The despair of losing someone you love.
What is behind these things? If you think it is god, and you are not willing to accept the possibility that countless generations of human beings have been misled, then read no further.
Where we are going and where we are now is the same place. The earth is where gods are made. Your mind is more powerful than GOD. And so is everyone else's.

Atheist: Macro Economics from a micro (futurist) perspective.

Blah blah blah.
This economy...blah.
Blah. Working class this.
Middle class that.
Money isn't real...blah blah blah.
One more day in the land-o-plenty!
If you want things to get better in this system...someone has to take a loss.
Those with money and resources have to share.
Why do you think corporate jobs are all so boring?
It's because they have to hire you...not because they need you.
They don't even need people most of the time...they are just required to hire people so that they appear to be helping communities out.
Minimum wages?
What the fuck is that besides agreeing to set a standard of poverty?
Wal-mart=Soviet Union.
It's fucking totalitarian.
Quit your job.
Tell them to fuck themselves.
Insist on better conditions.
Hold out as long as you can.
If you have a family...feed them.
If you don't have a others feed their will make you happier as a person.
If you want to be those that drain our system dry every day...
well go ahead and join them. work your way up their stupid ladder.
Become an investment BANKER! Become a stock Broker! Even better...become a politician!
That way you can spend your entire life walking over the backs of the people that feed you and telling them how to improve their lives. How wondrous!
The rich who don't want to reinvest in their hometowns should leave.
the wealthy and powerful who contribute to the wealth of foreign banks...they should leave too.
A day will come in the future when no individual will tolerate being subjugated by another human being or organization. It won't matter what color you are. It won't matter what part of town you're from or what language you speak. The days of the american aristocracy are numbered. How long do you think it will last?

Atheist: Living without fear.

It is not impossible to live without fear. We just haven't seen it before.

Once you understand that media serves to facilitate fear and uncertainty, you can begin to become skeptical about the messages they're sending. Skepticism is also a tool of disinformation, but it is something that has given way to great discovery. We cannot always do as we are told. And we shouldn't. Should we think as feel as we are told??? Media tells you these things every day. Are you paying attention?

***The reason people seem alien on talk shows and news programs is that they are selected for such positions based upon a corporate standard of presentability. Additionally, you can be certain that they would never have gotten the job of pundit or talk show host if they weren't capable of manipulating words and meaning. The way you pronounce the word "Jesus" for something every single person in media has to be aware of. Someone could get their fucking feelings hurt.***

In truth:
There is nothing to fear.
There is no god or devil.
We do not have souls.
These are archaic...outdated terms for what cognitive neuroscience attempts to unravel every day.
The human brain is the last frontier.
We seek to see inside each other. What you see in yourself may be what others see in themselves.
Many who are alive today may die before we can answer that question.
So many have died already.
Why should we fear death?

When I die I want to die screaming the truth.
God is a psych-virus. The symptoms are...the present.

Atheist: I mean you NO HARM, and the introduction of the SHINY-OBJECT.

Never have I spoken of the use of violence as a valid tool for the purposes of enforcing a belief system. A belief system is a complex thing. Violence is very simple. Force is the means by which all laws are upheld. A law is only as real as it's level of enforcement, i.e. the amount of force applied. Laws about the transportation of chickens are only relevant to those in the chicken transport business, but we falsely assume that the law is there to protect the consumer/customer/sycophan
t (the individual that produces nothing, but that demands that his/her end product be delivered in a safe/sanitary/ethically agreeable fashion. The LAW is there to govern people's behavior. The LAW demands that the future conform to the letter and since nothing any human does is outside the realm of human experience we can conclude that the LAW exists solely for the purpose of influencing/changing/adapting HUMAN BEHAVIOR.

Random Assertion Number One:
We have a surplus of law. I.E. We have too many LAWS. (We have among them . . . many that are UNJUST.

There is no such thing as injustice in Actuality (The realm in which all truths are freely revealed).There is in Reality (the realm in which not all truths are freely revealed), only the perception of injustice. Perceived injustice always leads to Violence (IN SOME FORM) (see definition). ALWAYS. This includes the enforcement of LAWS that are perceived to be JUST.

There have been many influential people who advocated the use of non-violent methods of protest. The fact that it has to do with protest and not enforcement has more to do with the likelihood of success than any moral difference. Protest also assumes that there are people for whom the law either does not apply or that the law itself is unjust or perpetuates perceived injustices. It is not hard to see where I am going with this.

I wouldn't dare compare myself with the likes of GHANDI or KING. I wouldn't dare. They claimed to believe in GOD. I make no such claim. In fact, I declare the opposite and demand unequivocal proof from anyone who would make that assertion in my presence or anywhere within my realm of experience.
The assertion that I maintain is that:

All power structures need individuals to feel that they are helpless (alone) in order to exist.
That is why it is a power structure and not a free association of equal individuals. Money, the whole Idea of MONEY is just to keep score.

The first person that accepted a shiny object in exchange for food...well they were one of the first morons. There have been many morons since.

The man who offers something shiny is only evil if he knows that it is worth nothing. But what if the entire known world were to value these shiny objects, or worse...the individual who has the food... perceives that the entire world values these shiny objects more than they value food, so he is eager to exchange his food for said shiny object. The SHINY OBJECT is an element that has intruded into the system of human interaction. The SHINY OBJECT is the EQUIVALENT of GOD.
BOTH are arbitrary and pointless, but there is so much in the world that says exactly the opposite. WHY WOULD they assert these things so strongly and with so much FERVOR? Because what they think motivates people. They think it, so they try it and when it works they continue to do it and after a while they're not interested in trying anything else...they just want you to accept it as truth so that things will remain as they are ( RIGHT FUCKING NOW). *** ( see below )They never asked themselves if there was a better way to motivate people. Not when GOD is so decisively effective of a LOGICAL TOOL of PERSUASION.
Introduce an irrational idea into a debate and the debate quickly degenerates if the idea is not discarded immediately as irrational. The concept of GOD exists to mitigate/disrupt/end DEBATES.

I say, "I mean you no harm", because I really don't mean you any harm. I don't drive with the intention of hurting anyone. I don't arm myself when leaving my house because I do not wish to be the cause of someones demise, not because I do not wish to defend myself. I just don't perceive the world to be as openly hostile as religious people do. They seem to think that there are bad people everywhere. I think you can see bad people coming and many times they come bearing a cross (or some other religious or meaningful shiny object that is supposed to aid in taking something from you). Love is something that all religions claim, but it is something that they have yet to explain. Love may be nothing more that an tacit agreement amongst animals that in order to eat/mate/exist without daily violence that we must all behave in a particular way. Thus the LAW is removed from the MANY and becomes the responsiblity of the FEW. THE LAW IS VIOLENCE.
MIGHT WILL ALWAYS MAKE RIGHT. (Because dead people can't argue)
Non-violent protests against injustice only works if it is visible enough to a larger population or larger LAWFUL authority. The fact that there is protest at all is indicative of the presence of perceived injustice.
For a faulty equation to become correct you must identify the "bad" variables.
In the Human equation, there are constants.
The premises in the GOD/SHINY-OBJECT/HEAVEN&HELL arguments are attempts at explaining what are in ACTUALITY. . .NATURAL LAWS. (the way things play out without the introduction of outside forces)
i.e. When A Person is RAPED/ROBBED/KILLED. These are the products of LAW. In reality they are every day occurrences. In ACTUALITY the realm in which all truth is freely revealed...being RAPED ROBBED OR KILLED is just a matter of perception. Most people are RAPED every day and are made to not only like it, but to preach it as gospel. GOD is MIND RAPE.

*** right fucking now: NO one is sure about the future, but this debate is being held all over the world in every language at every moment of recorded history. How to be JUST. How to maintain CONTROL. HOW TO DESTROY OR BUILD OR CHANGE EVERYTHING. Yet SO many are content to let one word do all the thinking for them. Fuck the word of GOD. We know some shit that GOD NEVER KNEW or did he just not get around to writing it down? You know...SCIENCE.

Atheist: The previously unknown benefits of having and maintaining a thick skull.

There is no God, and no higher Judgment than your own.

The churches of the world are losing their hold over their congregations.
People are not sheep.
They have built up a tolerance to 20th century brainwashing methods.
Turn the Television off.
They're trying to sell you a narrow minded conception of existence.
If you don't buy it, then they don't win.
The "holy" Books of all religions use basic metaphor and allegory to illustrate their simple understanding of the world.
They want you to behave.
Can you do that?
Can you behave as they want you to?

There is no GOD.
There is no Higher Judgment than YOUR OWN.

The entire system is riddled with false premises that lead to false conclusions.
Where ever you happen to be in relation to someone is for a reason.
Religion wants you to love god and your place.
The weak minded "men of the cloth" take your money and claim they can assure you salvation.
They can no more do this than pull an asteroid from space using their minds.
Religion has all the trappings of a scam.
It smells scammy to me.
Maybe it's because I have a thick skull, and I'm not. . ."open to the experience" as it were.
I might be too stupid to grasp what Jesus was groovin' on. If I believed this, I might never leave the house. I might not have a house at all. I might join the seminary. They love stupid people. Stupid and sexually repressed people mostly. But let's not over generalize.
Here's my fuel for the fire:
1. If you believe in GOD, you're an idiot.
2. If you go to church and give them money, you're a sucker.
3. If you go to church and eat free meals and try to sign up as a youth counselor, you're a pedophile.
4. If you think a messiah is coming in the future, you like being disappointed. (all messiahs were conmen)
5. If you watch television, you go to church, just not the jesusy one.
6. If you live life by your own personal philosophy that is based off of your own experiences and knowledge, you're my hero.

Attack and ridicule all superstition and religious hierarchies using all channels of art, literature and media. Do not physically injure or kill anyone. Never stop. Ever.