Atheist: Macro Economics from a micro (futurist) perspective.

Blah blah blah.
This economy...blah.
Blah. Working class this.
Middle class that.
Money isn't real...blah blah blah.
One more day in the land-o-plenty!
If you want things to get better in this system...someone has to take a loss.
Those with money and resources have to share.
Why do you think corporate jobs are all so boring?
It's because they have to hire you...not because they need you.
They don't even need people most of the time...they are just required to hire people so that they appear to be helping communities out.
Minimum wages?
What the fuck is that besides agreeing to set a standard of poverty?
Wal-mart=Soviet Union.
It's fucking totalitarian.
Quit your job.
Tell them to fuck themselves.
Insist on better conditions.
Hold out as long as you can.
If you have a family...feed them.
If you don't have a others feed their will make you happier as a person.
If you want to be those that drain our system dry every day...
well go ahead and join them. work your way up their stupid ladder.
Become an investment BANKER! Become a stock Broker! Even better...become a politician!
That way you can spend your entire life walking over the backs of the people that feed you and telling them how to improve their lives. How wondrous!
The rich who don't want to reinvest in their hometowns should leave.
the wealthy and powerful who contribute to the wealth of foreign banks...they should leave too.
A day will come in the future when no individual will tolerate being subjugated by another human being or organization. It won't matter what color you are. It won't matter what part of town you're from or what language you speak. The days of the american aristocracy are numbered. How long do you think it will last?